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Last Updated:  september 14, 2019
    December 14, 2019: My new host provider banned words and websites and I've had to spend time finding out what those words are and fixing pages; most pages are up now, including the main lists page (REJECTED/UN-USED/DEMOS).   Still errors to be worked out, but it's in progress.

  1. TORN MUSIC, a book on rejected film scores, released. See the news announce ment below in the scrolling News box.
    It is with great sadness that I report a week ago legendary orchestrator Jack Hayes, passed away. I had been trying to arrange an interview with him for years, but there were issues to be worked out and the party I communicated with was always busy, so communication was slow.
    At one point in about June this year, the party -- obviously forgetting I can't record phone interviews, gave me Hayes' home number and said to call him up. In hindsight, I should have at least just called -- I wanted so much to praise him for his work and talent. Two regrets.
    Taking questions for an interview with Peter Myers (AKA: Peter T. Meyers).
    Post suggestions HERE
    NOW UP: Patrick Russ interview.
    NOW UP: Richard Lewis Warren's first interview!
    Peter T. Meyers (questions turned in early January, 2013; 2019: He never replied back)
    Ian Freebairn-Smith (questions turned in; 2019: He stopped replying)
    Michael Convertino (still taking questions; 2019: He stopped replying)
    John Parker (questions turned in; 2019: Nobody seems to be able to reach him, not even people who know him)
  2. Music Samples page is now up -- enjoy!
  3. Polls page being re-deisnged, and more than the just one poll, are coming (a new one, for Jarre, is up now).
  4. Running since 2004, my site now stands at over 150,000 hits. My host provider stopped providing hit counts, so I no longer know exactly how many (as the counters I put on my site came two years or so after I started the site).
  5. My Role.
  6. Contact me if you got info and such, or want to ask me something; send it twice; keep a copy in case it doesn't arrive; don't hear back in two days or less, I didn't get it:
  7. Look, this site isn't top secret; tell people about it, link to it, show people it -- it's okay, you don't have to ask for permission.  Top directors and composer have visited this site; musicians, orchestrators, writers -- all visited.  Studio heads, much to their dismay, have even been here.

December 14, 2019:
     In the last two months there has been two releases:  Dragon's Domain Records released a set called The Alan Howarth Collection: Volume 1, which contains a rejected score for the film "Cyrus" (titled "Highway Man" on the CD).

And Kritzerland Records has released a CD of re-recording concert arrangements of two Gail Kubik rejected scores.

May 6, 2012:
     You may have noticed the addition of the book Torn Music to the Lists page.  Yes, you're ever humble and annoying one is mentioned, both by name and website, no less than 13 times (more than that) in the book.  I've known about the book coming for well over a year, and helped when and where I could with info, composer contact, etc.
The author, Gergley Hubai, has been involved in score releases as of late, with providing linear notes (check some of your Quartet Records CD's), and for those on the film score boards, he posts at Film Score Monthly under the name "The Cat".

Expect a review of the book on in a week or so.

May 21, 2010:
     A November 4CD box set of Maurice Jarre scores (news link) is supposed to contain, among other scores by him, "some rejected scores"; since I doubt they would devote the majority of the set to Jarre's nine fully to partially recorded rejected scores, I think we're looking at two, maybe three, with "Two Bits" and "The River Wild" being my guesses. May 21, 2010:
     The tracklisting on for the "Kick-Ass" score CD, is wrong.  John Murphy posted on his Facebook site the correct tracklist; as you can see, selections from ALL three rejected scores DID make it onto the CD, along with the replacement score:

1. Armenian Superhero : Jackman & de Vries
2. Stand Up : Howlet & Mann & Thomas
3. Forcefield : de Vries
4. Watching : Jackman
5. Man In The Mirror : Jackman
6. A Punch In The Chest : arr. de Vries
7. Roof Jump : de Vries & Eshkeri
8. Time To Engage : Jackman
9. Stabbing - Morphine : de Vries & Howlett
10. I'm Kick-Ass : Jackman
11. Famous : de Vries & Eshkiri & Jackman & Murphy
12. A Friend Like You : de Vries
13. Walk To Rasul's : Elfman
14. Trick Or Treat? : de Vries & Eshkeri
15. Leaving Rasul's : Murphy
16. Hit Girl & Big Daddy : Murphy
17. Damon & Marcus Comic Book : Jackman & Murphy
18. I Miss You Both : Eshkeri & Murphy
19. Hunting Kick-Ass : Jackman
20. Mistmobile : Jackman
21. Big Daddy Kills : Murphy
22. One Last Time : de Vries
23. Sleepover : de Vries
24. To Brooklyn Bridge : de Vries
25. Safehouse - Ambush : Murphy
26. Showtime Pt.2 : Murphy
27. Nightvision : Murphy
28. Strobe : Murphy
29. Big Daddy Dies : Jackman & Murphy
30. Hit Girl Drives Home : Murphy
31. Marshmallows : Murphy
32. Choose Your Weapon : Eshkeri
33. You Got Five Minutes : de Vries
34. No Power, No Responsibility : Jackman
35. The Corridor : Murphy
36. Kitchen Stand Off : Eshkeri & Murphy
37. The Fight : Jackman & Murphy & Eshkeri & De Vries
38. Flying Home : Jackman & Murphy
39. True Identity : Jackman March 25, 2009:
     Among other scores composed by George Fenton, Fenton will be playing some of his rejected score to "Interview With the Vampire" live June 7th.  Click HERE for details.  As I post this it looks like the program has been edited and IWTV has been deleted from it, but that could change, so keep visting the link to find out.  And if you attend, please ask Fenton why it was changed, and if he could contact me. :-)

December 13, 2007:

October 25, 2007:
     The rejections are starting to poor in for the holidays ... kind of a sad gift.

     Perserverence Records has CANCELLED the re-recording of "Chinatown", so you'll all have to scratch your head and still wonder.

July 22, 2007:
     New interview on THIS page where George S. Clinton talks about, among other things, his rejected score to "Scary Movie 2".

July 2, 2007: I also got a nice mystery for you all to solve: CLICK ME.

December 20, 2006:
     MERRY CHIRSTMAS -- no war on Christmas here.

October 25, 2006:
     The other day I was trying to find people to reach, to ask about a rejected score, and the composer was dead.  The orchestrators were dead.  The director was dead.  The producer was dead.  It was then I realized I'd become something here with my site, that I had not originally intended when I started it; I'm a historian.  I gather information about scores where the maybe no one can answer anymore, what ever the source is.  I find myself in a position where I feel I need to preserve this info and find as much as I can, for one day, there may be no one to answer the questions.  It's one big history book in the making.

October 17, 2005:
     Okay, appearently I only have 40 megabytes of bandwidth per day, and with this "King Kong" business, people have gone ape shit with the visiting and clicking -- which I don't mind :-) -- so, if you come and the site doesn't load, and you get an error, it'll be back on, according to my provider, about 12 midnight Mountain Time.
Welcome to my redesigned little hole in the internet e-ground!

     "Why make a site like this Justin?  Why make a site devoted to something some composers might want to forget?"

     You're looking at it the wrong way; this site isn't about any of that.
So why then?  Well, at first it was my fascination with scores that were rejected, especially by famous composers -- it's like a new score when one wasn't done.
     But it took a different route when I remembered something that Film Score Monthly had brought up about their release for the late Ron Grainer's "The Omega Man".  They said they looked and couldn't find anything where Grainer commented on his score.  I thought that was terrible.  Such a fantastic score and we'll never know what Grainer thought about it.  And it occurred to me not a lot has been said by any of the composers who have been rejected, on their work.  So I wanted to fix that.  It's so sad that I am too late to get Bernstein or Goldsmith's comments.  I could go on about this, but I'll move onto my other reasons.

     Just because a score is rejected, doesn't mean it should disappear into obscurity.  Should Revell's "Eaters of the Dead" have gone on unheard?  Should Georges Delerue's wonderful "Something Wicked This Way Comes" have taken a ride and disappeared with age?  No.  I firmly believe these scores should be chronicled; whether or not it's Jerry Goldsmith, or some composer you've never heard of -- I try to find all scores that are known to have, or at least no contrary rumor to have been recorded.

     Rejected scores are a special bunch.  Reasons for why a score is tossed vary.  From Test Audiences, Director/composers differences, Producer differences, even the film's star and Studio Heads.  That's just some.  But sometimes a composer walks out.  John Barry walks out often.
     The film may be suffering from low cash, bad writing, lots of edits that force rescoring and thus conflict with the composer's schedule and forces the composer to leave.

     Well, after having said all that, I thank the composers who agree to do interviews and pour their heart out over what happened and I thank companies like Varese Sarabande and Film Score Monthly, who release rejected scores and give us a glimpse into what was not used.

     But for ones I am unsure as to anything was recorded, they make the "Supposedly Rejected" list.

So click away and enjoy.

Last worked on:  August 16, 2005

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