I was able to contact composer Danny Lux via e-mail and got a list of questions for him reguarding "Scary Movie 2".  I had never done an interview before and was fresh to the whole deal; as you can see the below question/answers are very lacking. If I had it to do all over again, it would be different. Rest assured, if Lux has a score rejected, I will be contacting him, and then a new interview may occur...
Here is the Q & A which was returned:

I know that when Clinton was rejected from "Scary Movie 2", Beltrami and Debney were brought in and they hand picked another 10 composers, for a total of 12 known composer for the movie.  How were you picked?  Was it a suggestion of someone elses, or did one of the other 11 composer know you personally?

I was recommended to Randy Spendlove (Head of music at Miramax).  As far as I know, Debney was not involved, but rather they licensed some music that he wrote.

What was the experience for you like, on "Scary Movie 2"?  I have been told that even some of the tracks from the replcement composers, were rejected and that the director was insane.

The experience was not really that fun, but it was a good opportunity.

About how much did you compose?  Even more specifically, if you recall, which cues in the final version of the movie were yours?

     Initially before Marco was brought on, myself and one other composer were asked to replace about 6 big cues in the movie.  About a week later Marco was brought on.  I believe his crew scored the whole movie in a couple of days.  Some of their score was thrown out and I was brought back to start replacing more music.  The frustrating part was that I had no direct access to the director.  Everyone was running scared, and even though I wrote probably 20-25 minutes, the director was only played a fraction of what I wrote.  He was only presented replacement music if he threw a cue out on the dub stage.

     I think the only cue that is mine is the scene with Tim Curry's crazy nipples in the kitchen scene.

Are any of your cues featured on any Film Music promotional CDs?


Have you heard any of Ciinton's score and if yes, your thoughts on it?

     I heard a little of the original score and it seemed very good.

Have you ever had anyting you'd writte for another movie, rejected?  And if so, why and what movie?

     Not really -- every project has some fine tuning, but I have never had a score thrown out.

What happend with Halloween 8 and Christopher Young?

     I don't know.

And finally, any miscellaneous thoughts you might have.

     In regards to "Scary Movie 2", I did not get a chance to hear all of Clinton's score, but I believe it was thrown out due to the movie not initially testing well.

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Published: June 4, 2004