I sent Rona a short Q&A threw his website: jeffrona.com.
I put right before it:  ------Warning!:  You are about to read my message!------
Here is the Q & A which was returned.

But he didn't heed the warning and did so any way.  ;-)
Here are the answers, which he so kindly let me use on my site:

In 1996 you replaced Maurice Jarre on "White Squall".  Do you know anything about the rejection, or heard his score?

     Of course I know why it was rejected -- Ridley made it very clear to me. It was vitally important to him that I not fall into the same pitfall.  But I never heard the score, which I believe was only partially recorded, and not mixed.

Also, some rumor that Vangelis was attached and that he redid some of the music for his "Oceanic" CD.  Do you know if he was on board?

     As I understood it, and not from Ridley directly, they discussed his involment, but could never come to an agreement, and thus no work was done.

1995, you were among at least 5 composer (Listed on imdb.com) that worked on Assassins, which saw the late Michael Kamen rejected.  know anything?

     Of course.  It just came down to the producer of the film changing his mind at the last minute to a different style of music that Michael was not adept
at -- and with a silly schedule (the score was written in about 12 days).

Do I have your permission to use part/all of your replies, on my site?


Also, you have mistakenly listed me as having a score to The Mothman Prophesies replaced.  In fact that is not true.  Tomandandy had been hired to write the score, but a lot of my music was in the temp. Some work was done to replace those pieces of mine, but in the end the director licenced about 18 tracks of my music for the film, some of which I rescored for it.  The rest is tomandandy.

I've only had one score of mine replaced, and thankfully it is not on your
website! (NOTE: As of 10-4-07 it was added)

Jeff Rona

NOTE:  For those of you who don't know, Tomandandy is not a composer, but rather two composers:  Tom Hajdu and Andy Milburn -- Andy, as I understand it, did most of Mothman Prophecies.  Other composers used under Tomandandy:
  • Sam Retzer
  • Taylor Haskins
  • Mitch Davis
  • Drazen Bosnjak
  • Tim Boland
  • Chris Arvan
  • Randy Lee (For a while)
  • David Grow  (Former member)
  • Ed Ma  (Former member)
  • Possibly David Byrne
  • Website