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     COMPOSERS:  If you see a title(s) or yours missing, and would like it added, just e-mail me (index.html for e-mail).
     Everyone else is welcomed to as well, but it it's a Silent film, please make sure to include the year the film was rescored.  Though not necessary, if you can include the original composer, that would be great.
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     Sometimes a film comes over to the U.S.A., and the studio has it rescored; whether because of use fees, or that they feel American audiences would not like the score, they find a Hollywood composer to crank a rescore out.  This is soley devoted to ones from overseas being replaced here in America.

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(Three of Hearts.)

    1954  (Click for end of list)
  1. MONIKA --  Erik Nordgren --  Ingmar Bergman's picture, AKA:  "Summer With Monika".  Nordgren's music retained in all other territories.  [Les Baxter.]
  2. THE VICIOUS BREED/ FARLING FRIHET --  Charlie Norman.  [Les Baxter.]
  3. OEDIPUS REX --  Louis Applebaum.  Canadian production rescored for UK release.  [Cedric Thorpe Davie.]
  4. GOLIATH AND THE BARBARIANS/ Il TERRORE DEI BARBARI --  Carlo Innocenzi.  [Les Baxter.]
  5. THE ANGEL WORE RED --  Angelo F. Lavagnino.  [Bronislau Kaper.]
  6. BATTLE BEYOND THE SUN --  Yuli Meitus (As Yu. Meitus)  [Baxter & Stein.]
  7. GOLIATH AND DRAGON/ LA VENDETTA DI ERCOLE --  Alessandro Derewitsky.  [Les Baxter.]
  8. ALAKAZAM THE GREAT/ SAIYU-KI --  Ryoichi Hattori.  [Les Baxter.]
  9. BLACK SUNDAY/ LA MASCHERA DEL DEMONIO --  Roberto Nicolosi.  [Les Baxter.]
  11. GOLIATH AND THE VAMPIRES/ MACISTE CONTRO IL VAMPIRO --  Angelo Francesco Lavagnino.  [Lex Baxter.]
  12. GUNS OF THE BLACK WITCH/ IL TERRORE DEI MARI --  Michele Cozzoli.  [Ronald Stein (US only).]
  13. JOURNEY TO THE SEVENTH PLANET --  Ib Glindemann.  [Ronald Stein (US only).]
  14. RETILICUS --  Sven Glydmark.  [Les Baxter.]1962
  15. IL SORPASSO - Riz Ortolani.  [Piero Piccioni.]
  16. MARCO POLO/ L' AVVENTURA DI UN ITALIANO CINA --  Angelo F. Lavagnino.  [Les Baxter (US only).]
  17. SAMSON AND THE SEVEN MIRACLES OF THE WORLD --  Carlo Innocenzi.  [Les Baxter (Us only).]
  18. WARRIORS FIVE/ LA GUERRA CONTINUA --  Armando Trovaioli.  [Roland Stein (US only).]
  19. WHITE SLAVE SHIP/ L' AMUTINAMENTO --  Angelo F. Lavagnino.  [Les Baxter (US only).]
  20. A BOY TEN FEET TALL (UK Title:  SAMMY GOING SOUTH) --  Tristram Cary.  Cary's score retained on UK prints.  [Les Baxter.]
  21. ERIK THE CONQUEROR --  Roberto Nicolosi.  [Les Baxter (US only).]
  22. THE EVIL GIRL/ LA RAGAZZA CHE SAPEVA TROPPO --  Roberto Nicolosi.  [Lex Baxter.]
  23. SAMSON AND THE SALVE QUEEN --  Angelo Francesco Lavagnino  [Les Baxter.]
  24. BLACK SABBATH --  Roberto Nicolosi.  [Les Baxter (US only).]
  25. EVIL EYE --  Roberto Nicolosi.  Man, it must have sucked being Reberto -- especially being replaced by a man who didn't score most his own scoring projects.  See explanation in name.  [Les Baxter (US only).]
  26. THE MIGHTY JUNGLE --  ?????.  Mexican film, aka LA CIUDAD.  [Les Baxter.]
  27. SAGRADA/SACRED CITY --  ?????.  [Les Baxter (US only).]
  28. PRINCE PLANET (TV SERIES) --  ?????.  [Ronald Stein.]
  29. THE REDEEMER --  Jose Munoz-Molleda.  1959 Spanish film.  [David Raksin, R.I.P. (US only).]
  30. TABOOS OF THE WORLD --  Angelo F. Lavagnino, Armando Trovaioli..  [Les Baxter (US only).]
  31. AFTER THE FOX --  Piero Piccioni.  [Burt Bacharach (US only?).]
  32. DR. GOLDFOOT AND THE GIRL BOMBS --  Coriolano Gori (As Lallo Gori).  [Les Baxter (US only?).]
  33. BORA BORA --  Piero Piccioni.  [Les Baxter (US only).]
  34. CERVANTES --  Angel Arteaga, Jean Ledrut.  [Les Baxter (US only).]
  35. THE GLASS SPHINX --  Roberto Pregadio.  [Les Baxter, Jerry Styner (US only; together?).]
  36. MICHAEL KOHLHAAS THE REBEL --  Peter Sandloff.  [Stanley Myers (US only?).]
  37. BARON BLOOD --  Stelvio Cipriani.  [Les Baxter.]
  38. BROTHER SUN, SISTER MOON --  Riz Ortolani.  Ortolani's score retained on Italian prints. English language version scored by Thorne, based on songs by Donovan.  [Ken Thorne.]
  39. SURVIVE! --  Raoul LaVista.  Fried scored the English language release.  [Gerald Fried, R.I.P..]
  40. GUYANA:  CULT OF THE DAMNED --  Alfred Diaz Ordaz, Haskell --  Same film: retitled (original on "Rejected" list).  [Nelson Riddle, Bob Summers, George Smith Price (US only).]
  41. DOCTOR BUTCHER, M.D. -  Nico Fidenco.  Fidenco's score retained on original release. Refitted with electronic score by Sear for reissue in US (only?).  [Walter Sear.]
  42. AMONG WOLVES / LES LOUPS ENTRE EUX -- Louis Crelier.  According to Crelier:
    "The only one that I can remember is a film directed by french (late) director Jos?iovanni, called "Les Loups entre eux" (1985) ... Half of the music was recorded, when the italian producer decided he wanted to work with a italian composer. The director was having problems with the post-prod financing, and cowardly decided to give up on my work to please to producer! Without paying me for my expenses".  [Pino Marchese.]
  43. LONGXIONG HUDI/ AKA:  Operation Condor 2: The Armour of Gods and Armour of God --  Michael Lai Siu-tin.  Michael Wandmacher, the "Les Baxter" of our generation, rescored the US release of this film when it hit theaters here in 1991 I think.  [Michael Wandmacher.]
  44. THE ADVENTURES OF MILO AND OTIS --  Ryuichi Sakamoto --  Boddicker rescored the US version narrated by Dudley Moore.   [Michael Boddicker.]
  45. BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT --  Ed Ernst & Rainer K?>  [Hummie Mann.]
  46. THREE OF HEARTS --  Richard Gibbs.  Shown in Europe with his score, but for some reason rescored for the U.S..  [Joe Jackson.]
  47. CHAO JI JI HUA/ AKA:  Supercop 2 --  Richard Lo Sai.  Once again, following in the footsteps of the great Baxter, Wandmacher goes all replacy on the previous composer's butt.  [Michael Wandmacher.]
  48. JUI KUEN 2/ AKA:  LEGEND OF THE DRUNKEN MASTER --  Wai Lap Wu.  In 2000 when the film hit the USA, it was retitled and rescored by none other than Wandmacher.  What a coinscidence!  [David Wandmacher.]
  49. RUMBLE IN THE BRONX --  Wong Chung-Yin.  [J. Peter Robinson, Nathan Wang.]
  50. FIRST STRIKE (POLICE STORY 4) --  Wong Chun-Yin.  [J. Peter Robinson, Nathan Wang.]
  51. NO MORE MR. NICE GUY --  Peter Kam.  [J. Peter Robinson.]
  52. GODZILLA 2000 --  Takayuki Hattori.  Over half the score replaced.  [J. Peter Robinson, Takayuki Hattori (leftovers).]
  53. SHUANG LONG HUI --  Phe Loung.  Wandmacher again goes Baxter on a foreign film.  [Michael Wandmacher.]
  54. IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE/ FA YEUNG NIN WA  --  ?????.  Unsure.  I found something online that said Mike Galasso had an unused score, but upon going to and seeing who scored it, I found out him and Shigeru Umebayashi did, but I seriously doubt it.  More like Galasso probably replaced Umebayashi's score when the film came to the US.  [?????.]
  55. DAK MIU MAI SHING / AKA:  The ACCIDENTAL SPY --  Pui Tat Kam.  And somehow Peter Kam fits into this.  I assume he was an additional, or rejected composer overseas since he scores only films there.  So who replaced Pui Tat Kam?  Is Pui Tat Kam actually Peter Kam?  Tune in same time, same bat-chan ... okay, it was Wandmacher again.  [Michael Wandmacher.]
    2004  TITS (Click for start of list)
  56. BAMBOO SHOOT/ ZI YU ZI LE --  Hai Lin.  [Hummie Mann.]
     Sometimes foreign countries don't like our scores either.  Nah nah.

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(The North Star.)

  1. LE AVVENTURE DI CARTOUCHE --  Douglas Gamley and Druve Montgomery scored the English Language print while Petrassi did the Italian, which rejected the English version.  [Goffredo Petrassi.]
  2. LE MEPRIS/CONTEMPT --  Georges Delerue.  Piccioni scored the Italian language version.  Delerue's score retained on French and English prints.  [Piero Piccioni.]
  3.  THE NORTH STAR --  John Scott.  Released on CD from his label, JOS Records, for some reason overseas carried different scores.  [Ennio Morricone, Bruce Rowland.]

     Sometimes older films have their scores replaced.  The reason is usually because the masters don't exist anymore, but also because some scores were performed live -- when there were no recorded scores for film.  Except in one case on this list.

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(Nothing Yet.)

    1914   (Click for end of list)
  1. THE SQUAW MAN --  ?????.  [H. Scott Salinas - 2004]
  2. INTOLERENCE: LOVE'S STRUGGLE THROUGH THE AGES --  ?????.  [Carl Davis - 1989]
  3. BACK TO GOD'S COUNTRY --  ?????.  [Lindsay Cooper - 1997]
  4. BROKEN BLOSSOMS --  ?????.  [Carl Davis - 1983]
  5. THE ACE OF HEARTS --  ?????.  [Vivek Maddala - 2000]
  6. THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE --  ?????.  [Carl Davis - 1992]
  7. CAMILLE --  ?????.  [Peter Vantine - 2002]
  8. OUR HOSPITALITY --  ?????.  [Carl Davis - 1998]
  9. SAFETY LAST! --  ?????.  [Carl Davis - 1989]
  10. GREED --  ?????.  [Carl Davis - 1986]
  11. BEN-HUR --  ?????.  [Carl Davis - 1987]
  12. THE BIG PARADE --  ?????.  [Carl Davis - 1985]
  13. THE EAGLE --  ?????.  [Carl Davis - 1985]
  14. THE HANDS OF ORLAC --  ?????.  [Richard Marriott - 1997]
  15. THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA --  ?????.  [Carl Davis - 1996]
  16. THE RAG MAN --  ?????.  [Linda Martinez - 2004]
  17. THE STRONG MAN --  ?????.  [Carl Davis - 1983]
  18. THE TEMPTRESS --  ?????.  [Michael Picton - 2004; LISTEN:  Official site.]
  19. NAPOLEON --  ?????.  [Carl Davis - 1980 restoration, expanded for 2000 restoration.]
  20. THE CROWD --  ?????.  [Carl Davis - 1981]
  21. THE GENERAL --  ?????.  [Carl Davis - 1987]
  22. THE KID BROTHER --  ?????.  [Carl Davis - 1995]
  23. THE RING --  ?????.  [Vivek Maddala - 2005]
  24. THE FLAG: A STORY INSPIRED BY THE TRADITION OF BETSY ROSS --  ?????.  [Vivek Maddala - 2002]
  25. LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT --  ?????.  [Robert Israel - 200?]
    1928    (Click for start of list)
  26. SHOW PEOPLE --  ?????.  [Carl Davis - 1982]
  27. SPEEDY --  ?????.  [Carl Davis - 1996]
  28. THE PATSY --  ?????.  [Vivek Maddala - 2003]
  29. THE MYSTERIOUS LADY --  ?????.  [Vivek Maddala - 2002]
  30. THE WIND --  ?????.  [Carl Davis - 1983]
    Also, these people do frequent new scores for silent films, but there are so many titles, that I just don't want to spend all the time adding each one to the list:

  • Brian Benison
  • Robert Israel
  • Michael Mortilla  -  Every score he's done for silent films has been released; whether a promo, an official -- it's out there.  And some promos are longer then the commercial CD release.  He did many more rescores, but there were so many that I lost the will to update.  :-)


     There only one on the list, inspired me to keep this section on the "RESCORES" page.  It's in alphabetical order.

This list last updated:  October 17, 2006  (Click to "jump" to title, when there are too many though...)
  • SPARTACUS --  Mario Nascimbene.  From Soundtrack! (The Collector's Quaterly), Vol.5/No.20 - December 1986, "A Conversation with Mario Nascimbene", by Claudio Fuiano, p.14:
    Question:  "According to some film credits, you scored the Italian release of SPARTACUS, while Alex North scored the U.S. version. What was the reason?"

    Mario Nascimbe:  "The film SPARTACUS has often been included in my filmography, in error. I could not score that film because I was with King Vidor in Madrid at the time, working on SOLOMON AND SHEBA. One evening I received a phone call from Kirk Douglas, who had been very satisfied with my music for THE VIKINGS. He was the producer of SPARTACUS, and he asked me to come to Hollywood. I couldn't go, because I was still recording the music for SALOMON AND SHEBA, and I had already been signed to do another movie after that one. I asked Kirk Douglas if he could wait a while until I was free, but 3 days later I received a telegram saying that another composer had been signed to score SPARTACUS. A pity, since I should have liked to do this picture."  [Alex North, R.I.P..]
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